We have access to a wide range of top brands and put together machines that perfectly match your requirements. Off the shelf computers often fall short in the price or performance department, so we focus on searching everywhere for the right components and providing machines built for you. We are also able to upgrade existing machines and repair machines that still have some life left in them.

We also have lots of experience with setting up Internet connections, office networks and data direct backup solutions. We could go on but don't want to bore you, so if you have any hardware related need please contact us and we'll be able to assist.

Software can be as simple as buying a box and installing it with absolutely no problems. It can also be an absolute nightmare with the crowning moment, or long series of moments, involving a call centre.

When we sell you software it is not a simple sale, we will assist with setting it up and make sure that it is configured to allow your business to get the maximium benefit from your investment.

Calling people out when you have a major issue can be expensive, especially if problems aren't caught early. We offer flexible maintenance contracts that mean that we come out to your office as often as needed to work on any issues that you may have. This is a very cost effective option and one of our most popular services.

Repairs are something that we love to do. With the advent of cloud computing most of the functions and storage that a computer used manage are handled online. The processing power needed for a computer to be a useful part of the office is now relatively low, so older machines are definitely an option for running your office. We are able to repair damaged machines, rehabilitate exceptionally slow ones and upgrade working machines.

Our Brands

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